Thoughts on Blue

100% Cotton Dark Blue Cushion Cover with Gray and Blue Lines

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SKU: 304405
Made by an artisan group of weavers in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, this dark blue cushion cover is a high quality textile made with a foot loom. The artisans are very interested and passionate about the preservation of the use of the foot loom to make textiles; another goal of theirs is to educate more women in this art and process, as historically the foot loom has been used mostly by men. This dark blue cushion cover features the same design on the front as on the back: thin looped lines in different shades of blue and gray. The back of the cushion has slit in which to insert the cushion.
  • 100% cotton
  • 0.34 lbs
  • 18 inches L x 18 inches W
  • Made in Guatemala