Edwene Asa

2 Colorful African Kente Print 2-Layer Contour Face Masks

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A colorful cotton print depicts Ghana's traditional Edwene Asa kente design. The phrase means 'all motifs are used up' in the Akan language, indicating the number of different patterns combined in this one. Each color in kente cloth has its own meanings in Asante culture. Green is fertility and new harvest, gold is royalty, black is strength, aging and spirituality, and white is purity.

Justina Botwey uses the fabric to craft a pair of beautiful contoured face masks. Lined in solid white, both are double-layered, washable and reusable, with elastic loops to slip over the ears. 'To me, the combination of colors in this kente design indicates that, despite our differences, we are still one people,' the artisan affirms.

The position of individual prints and colors will vary but the fabric will remain the same.
  • 100% cotton
  • 1 oz
  • Each: 5 inches L x 11.8 inches W
  • Strap(s): 5.5 inches L x 0.4 inches W
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Justina Botwey