Apatampa Dancers

African Fabric Collage Wall Art

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A pair of Apatampa dancers appears in seductive silhouettes, their bodies adorned only with colorfully printed kente cloth skirts. The drummer in batik clothing to the right creates an emotive visual rhythm, representative of this dance performed by shaking the body and clapping the hands, thighs, and chest. It is especially characteristic of the Fante people from central Ghana.

Emmanuel Atiemoh Yeboah describes his process, “First and foremost, I assemble my working tools, after which I sketch images on the calico cloth. With the sketches done, I sprinkle red and green oil paints on the calico cloth to give it a simple colorful background. I then cut out particular places I intend to replace with kente or batik, which are later glued together. Afterwards, I dry and frame my collage work.”

Arrives framed in sese wood.
  • Batik, kente cloth and ink on cloth
  • 0.66 lbs
  • 19 inches H x 13 inches W x 0.7 inches D
  • Artwork: 17.3 inches L x 11.3 inches W
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Emmanuel Atiemoh Yeboah