Gye Nyame

African Kente Cloth Wall Collage

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Ghana's famed 'Gye Nyame' symbol emerges in this work by Emmanuel Yeboah, its rotating form meaning 'I fear none except God.' Vertical and horizontal patches of color invade the sharp outlines, each variation exalting the beauty of batik design. Known as an adinkra symbol, this image is revered throughout the country.

Yeboah explains for us his process: 'First and foremost, I assemble my working tools, after which I sketch images on the calico cloth. With the sketches done, I sprinkle red and green oil paints on the calico cloth to give it a simple colorful background. I then cut out particular places I intend to replace with batik, which are later glued together.' Accented in drawing ink.

Arrives framed in tweneboa wood.
  • Oil, kente cloth and ink on calico clothul>
    • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Emmanuel Atiemoh Yeboah