Hand and Egg I

African Kente Cloth Wall Collage

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Gently grasping a fragile egg, a large hand holds the oval figure aloft in a gesture of triumph. Bold silhouettes suggest strength and certainty, and this colorful work by Emmanuel Atiemoh Yeboah is rich in symbolism. Representing life with all its potential ahead, the egg is covered with native kente cloth - a quintessentially African cultural expression. These hand-loomed textiles are woven in strips. Each color has its own meaning and the patterns themselves are carefully chosen symbols that a master weaver develops and names - often to honor people, historical events, or proverbs.

'First and foremost, I assemble my working tools, after which I sketch images on the calico cloth,' Yeboah explains. 'With the sketches done, I sprinkle red and green oil paints on the calico cloth to give it a simple colorful background. I then cut out particular places I intend to replace with batik or kente cloth, which are later glued together. Afterwards, I dry and sometimes frame my collage work.'
  • Oil, kente cloth and ink on calico cloth
    • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Emmanuel Atiemoh Yeboah