Damba Festival

African Recycled Glass Beaded African Wood Mask from Ghana

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Commemorating the birth and naming of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, the Damba festival is an event of much revelry and celebration in the northern part of Ghana. Winfred Korley pays homage to the Damba festival with an original mask that might be worn on such an auspicious day. Wearing a headdress with pointed horns, this African mask is hand-carved from sese wood, given a rustic finish in hues of brown and red. Long strands of recycled glass beads dangle from the forehead, partially covering the face.
  • Sese wood, recycled glass beads
  • 1.94 lbs
  • 14.3 inches H x 7 inches W x 3.5 inches D
  • Beads: 0.1 inches W x 11 inches H
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Winfred Korley