Gye Nyame Power

African Wood and Aluminum Mask with Adinkra Symbol

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Samuel Okyere creates the original design of this mask in honor of tradition. The Ghanaian artisan carves the sese wood mask by hand, expertly giving it a serene expression. Embossed aluminum adorns the cheeks and forehead featuring the Adinkra Gye Nyame symbol that proclaims God's supremacy. This unique and beautiful symbol is ubiquitous in Ghana. It is by far the most renowned, used in decoration, and a reflection of the deeply religious character of the Ghanaian people.
  • Sese wood, aluminum
  • 1.41 lbs
  • 14.5 inches H x 6 inches W x 2.6 inches D
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Samuel Okyere