To Kpee Wu

African Wood Goat Mask from Ghana

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Holding a bone between its teeth, this charming goat will make an excellent addition to your home. Ghanaian artist Winfred Korley creates this animal-themed African mask, which is hand-carved from sese wood and given a clay rub for a rustic finish. He names his design To Kpee Wu, a Ga phrase meaning 'a goat chewing a bone.' 'Because a goat would not normally chew a bone, that fact that it is doing so means something is at stake,' the Ghanaian artisan explains.
  • Sese wood
  • 1.96 lbs
  • 16.3 inches H x 7 inches W x 4.1 inches D
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Winfred Korley