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Artisan Crafted Guatemalan Worry Doll Garland

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This colorful and festive garland is made by the Lopez Garcia Family in Guatemala who specialize in quitapenas, or traditional worry dolls. 'The idea is to trust each doll with whatever troubles you. It is said that during the night, while we sleep, the dolls will whisper the solution to our troubles,' says Ana from the Lopez Garcia Family. The garland is a cheerful accent for your home or Christmas tree.

Legend has it that the Maya Sun God gave princess Ixmucané the gift of solving people's problems. With time people started making dolls in Ixmucané's honor and they would tell her their woes, hoping she would solve them through the dolls.
  • 100% cotton fabric, Kraft paper, polyfill, tule fiber, steel wire
  • 0.21 lbs
  • 45 inches L x 2.5 inches W
  • Made in Guatemala

Meet the Artist

Lopez Garcia Family