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Authentic Handcrafted African Djembe Drum with Kente Cloth

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The colors of Africa appear in bright beads and hand-loomed kente cloth, conferring an extraordinary beauty to this djembe. Samuel Okyere carves the base from tweneboa wood. He names the design Anigye, 'Happiness' in the Akan language.

The djembe originated in Benin, where it is used during voodoo rites, and has been introduced into neighboring countries and is indispensable in contemporary reggae. The goatskin head is affixed by iron rings wrapped in cotton, and a macramé cord can be slung over the shoulder.
  • Tweneboa wood, goatskin, cotton kente cloth, nylon cords, iron rings
  • 7.85 lbs
  • 18 inches H x 10.3 inches W x 10.3 inches D
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Samuel Okyere