Horn Mask

Ceramic vase

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The fiery visage of a Ghanaian warrior stares back at the viewer of this clay vase, enlightening centuries of artistic tradition. The dramatic look is completed by three horns crowning his head, perfect for a dry flower arrangement. Internationally famous artisan Samuel Lovi handcrafts this original piece in his workshop.

Clay abounds in the southern part of Ghana; it takes an expert, however, to get the sand thoroughly washed out of the clay. In fashioning this piece, Lovi first prepares and molds the clay. He then fires the molded piece in a kiln at high temperatures, ensuring that it is hardened to the required strength. After cooling, it is hand-painted with kaolin and oils, providing its distinctive appearance.
  • Ceramic
  • 1.96 lbs
  • 7.5 inches H x 6.8 inches W x 7.5 inches D
  • Made in Ghana

Meet the Artist

Samuel Lovi