Cold, Cold

Costa Rican Geometric Themed Mountain Landscape Painting

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Originally from Bogota, Colombia, and now based in Costa Rica, artist Carlo Jimenez draws inspiration from the beauty of that Central American country for this expressionist work with cubist elements. The oil and acrylic painting depicts a rectangular window through which a spectacular landscape of mountains shrouded in cold mist can be seen. Surrounding the window are geometric figures in green and in blue with white; a blue rectangular frame at the bottom of the window gives the appearance of an open pit. 'The landscape and man have had an element that will always unite them, the soul,' Carlo comments, 'with this series I want to show, from a human point of view, every object that is visible in it, from the life of every tree, waterfall, grotto, every blessing that we are given on a daily basis and that we can appreciate in everything that surrounds us.' Titled 'Frío Frío' in Spanish.
  • Oil and acrylic on canvas, pinewood stretchers
  • 3.97 lbs
  • 23.5 inches H x 29.5 inches W x 0.6 inches D
  • Made in Costa Rica

Meet the Artist

Carlo Jimenez