King Pakal

Cotton batik wall hanging

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Descending into the underworld, Pakal the Great is laid to rest in the Maya city of Palenque. His stone sarcophagus is masterfully detailed and replicated on this cotton wall hanging from Rhina Rehmann. Crafted with batik techniques, the wall hanging depicts the hero and beloved leader in his passage through the three worlds, including the Heavens, symbolized by a half-serpent, half-bird creature over a cross. Next is the world of the Living, symbolized by a great sacred tree with a two-headed serpent. Pakal is depicted in the world of the Dead sitting on Monster Earth. The wall hanging's intense blue hues come from the natural indigo dyes harvested and prepared at Rehmann's hacienda. The composition is enhanced with liquid gold leaf details. Features a slit for rod insertion (not included).
  • 100% cotton
  • 0.65 lbs
  • 30 inches W x 43 inches H
  • Made in El Salvador

Meet the Artist

Rhina Rehmann