Mayan Ceremonial Huipiles...

Cultural Map About Guatemalan Huipil Blouses

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'This is a foldable map. One one side you can see 52 huipiles that a lot of Guatemalan communities use in different ceremonies; the map indicates in which department or municipality each huipil is used. On the other side, you can see different subjects surrounding Guatemalan ceremonial textiles. This map is written in English and Spanish,' members of the Association of Friends of the Ixchel Museum explain. All purchases of this cultural map contribute to the Ixchel Museum.

The museum's name honors the pre-Hispanic goddess who was the patroness of weaving and fertility. The private, non-profit Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Textiles and Clothing was founded in 1977. Its mission is to collect, document, rescue, and exhibit the heritage of indigenous textiles in Guatemala, teaching it to people in order to conserve and spread it.
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