Turquoise Zigzags

Green & Blue Embroidered Turquoise Cotton Cosmetic Bag

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Turquoise cotton fabric, woven by hand, hosts zigzag motifs in green and blue. Textile artisans demonstrate their skill with a lovely cosmetic bag for Guatemala's Novica Collection. Embellished with hand embroidery done with a punch-needle technique, the front flaunts grey tassels. A tassel also adorns the zipper, and the bag is fully lined.

If you find a loose thread or loop in the embroidery, do not pull it or cut it because you risk unraveling the embroidery. If the thread or loop is bothersome, use a needle to push it back into the base fabric.
  • 100% cotton, cotton lining
  • 0.21 lbs
  • 9.5 inches L x 7 inches W
  • Made in Guatemala

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