Mighty Talons

Hand Carved Eagle in a Tree Brown Cedar Wood Sculpture

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Guatemalan artisan Nicolas Chavez Sojuel hand carves this lifelike sculpture of an eagle landing on a tree branch, its wings outstretched and its mighty talons gripping its perch. Made of cedar wood, the sculpture is stained a rich brown with many textural details included in the carving, such as the eagle's feathers and the gnarls of the tree. The five pieces of the sculpture -- the eagle body, its two wings, the tree, and the base -- are disassembled for easy shipping and can quickly and easily be reassembled upon arrival.
  • Cedar wood
  • 2.05 lbs
  • 13.8 inches H x 8.8 inches W x 11.5 inches D
  • Made in Guatemala

Meet the Artist

Nicolas Chavez Sojuel