Colorful Tradition

Handcrafted Natural Fiber Folk Nativity Scene

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Costa Rican artisan Blanca Padilla designs and handcrafts this nativity scene out of fiber extracted from cabuya, a succulent that looks similar to agave. The cabuya fiber is a beautiful creamy antique white, and the artisan works with its natural texture to from the figures of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus and the modest red-roofed shelter. The artisan dresses the figures in vivid colors, including a red dress for Mary and blue hats and a red kerchief for Joseph and Jesus.

The art and skill of creating handicrafts from cabuya has been handed down through Blanca Padilla's family for generations. The artisan sources her material herself, growing and harvesting the cabuya, extracting the fiber, and preparing it for use in the handicrafts. Blanca Padilla hopes to help revitalize the cabuya craft industry with the success of her designs.
  • Cabuya fiber, 100% cotton fabric accents
  • 1 oz
  • 3 inches H x 3.1 inches W x 2.2 inches D
  • Made in Costa Rica

Meet the Artist

Blanca Padilla