Maya Woman at the Loom

Maya Cedar Wood Sculpture of a Woman Weaving

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A Maya woman sits with legs crossed as she works on a backstrap loom. Rocking back and forth she controls the tension as she creates an expanse of cloth. 'This movement represented the human heartbeat, thus weaving was a sacred act for the ancient Maya, and weavers were considered the 'mothers of creation,'' Nicolas Chavez Sojuel explains. He works in fragrant cedar wood to depict his subject as realistically as did the pre-Hispanic ceramists of Jaina Island more than a thousand years ago in their 'Female Figure with Loom.' Deftly carving intricate details with superb realism, the Guatemalan artisan dresses the woman in a necklace of pinewood beads.
  • Cedar wood, pinewood beads
  • 6.16 lbs
  • 12.5 inches H x 16.3 inches W x 7 inches D
  • Made in Guatemala

Meet the Artist

Nicolas Chavez Sojuel