Festive Summer in Brown

Tie Dye Batik Cotton Skirt in Brown and Coal Black Thailand

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SKU: 278318
Brown gives way to coal black in this long cotton skirt, with little floral motifs adorning the bottom. It is designed by Thailand's Chomsuda Samana, who works with her sister to create beautiful pieces of clothing like this skirt. They apply the designs using a combination of tie-dye and the batik method, where a wax resist is applied to the tied fabric before it is submerged in vats of dye. The skirt's comfortable elasticized waist and feminine styling will make it a wardrobe favorite.
  • 100% cotton
  • 0.68 lbs
  • S: 39 inches L x 24 inches Waist
  • M: 39 inches L x 26 inches Waist
  • L: 40 inches L x 29 inches Waist
  • XL: 40 inches L x 32 inches Waist
  • Made in Thailand

Meet the Artist

Chomsuda Samana