Rune Thurisaz

Unique Green Jade Rune Necklace from Guatemala

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Working with natural dark green Guatemalan jade, artisan Zandra Lorena Sajbin creates a pendant of the rune Thurisaz. Thurisaz, literally meaning 'thorn', is the rune of strength and conflict. The pendant centers a waxed cotton cord of adjustable length.

Runes are letters in the runic alphabets, which were used before the widespread adoption of the Latin alphabet. Some people also believe that runes have magical significance and can be used in divination. The word rune itself translates to 'something secret or hidden'.
  • Jade, waxed cotton cord
  • 0 oz
  • 20 inches min L - x 40 inches max L
  • 1 mm W
  • Pendant(s): 1.7 inches L x 1.2 inches W x 0.2 inches D
  • Made in Guatemala

Meet the Artist

Zandra Lorena Sajbin